• Your Image In The Internet

    Many times, your website will be the first interaction between your customer and your company. It will be responsible for causing the first impression. That’s why a website is one of the most important communication tools to promote a company, brand or business.

    Our websites are built having in mind an easy and intuitive navigation, browser compatibility, SEO, design, a strong presence in the Internet, aesthetics and increasing the conversing rate of visitors that actually become customers.

    Every website project includes a training session so that your team may be independent in the website management, access to statistic reports of your online presence, so that you may define and improve your online strategy accordingly to the results shown.
  • Low Budget & Efficient Advertising

    People spend more time online than watching TV, listening to radio or reading newspapers. That's whay the Internet is the media to spread your word.

    Internet adds in social media as Facebook, or Search Engine Marketing, which is the activity of promoting your website in Search Engines (Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising and others) are effective, quick and less expensive than most communication tools. Being “pay per click” the most common way of doing this, you only pay when and if someone clicks on your adds: y
    our campaign is fully targeted to people that may be interested in your company or activity, increasing the changes of interaction with these visitors and optimizing your investment.

    This is a quick advertising method that allows you to define the maximum budget per day and to segment your target with low costs. Our team is available to create your campaigns, according to your goals, and providing you periodic reports on their evolution.

  • The Place To Be

    Millions of people visit social media websites on a daily basis and more than 50% of all internet searches are performed from mobile devices, meaning that we are now more connected than ever and that your message may reach your potential customers, no matter where they are.

    Social media pages are the place to be: that’s where your customers are, where they talk about their likes and dislikes, where they may talk about your company or brand, regardless of you being there or not. To mention some advantages: increasing exposure, increasing traffic to your website, gaining marketplace intelligence, generating leads, developing loyal fans, communicating events and better search engine positioning.

    The downside is that it is very time consuming. But you know what? No problem! We’ll take care of that for you. Our service comprises creating your blog or page, developing campaigns, managing contents, online advertising and presenting results!
  • Communicate With Your Target

    Communicating to masses is expensive and brings you low return. To save money and optimize results, we must communicate for those people who may be interested in our message (our target), spending less and achieving better results.

    In order to get your message to get to your target, we make available for you the most effective e-mail and mobile marketing solutions.

    We will be by your side every step of the way: defining the target, segmenting the market, conceiving your message in a strategic and appealing way (both text and image) and creating call to action mechanisms so that your potential customer takes the initiative of contacting your company.