Media & Events

  • From Concept & Planning To Event Holding

    Institutional, corporate or cultural events, business meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, fairs... Organizing an event is always time-consuming and requires investment. That’s why every detail must be carefully planned, following the event’s specific communication plan, conceived accordingly to the company’s goals and budget.

    We have the know-how that allows us to manage real events, reaching stakeholders and new audiences, spreading your message online and offline, before, during and after your event.

    We may take care of one or other aspect of the organization of your event or provide you a turnkey solution comprising all the aspects you may need, such as naming, contact-making, stand, invitations and invitations management, flyers, posters, mini-website, multimedia presentations, catering, satisfaction questionnaires or customer feedback reports. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen!
  • Visibility & Prominence

    No company is alone in the market. And, to survive and be successful, we have to know our environment and act accordingly. We must have satisfied customers, a solid network, respond and anticipate market tendencies and let people know we do that. In fact, besides knowing, we have to be known.

    Having a great service or a high quality product doesn’t mean much if people do not know about it.

    Working with the media will increase your visibility and allow you informing your public of your mission, policies and practices, in a positive and credible manner, creating impact and buzz around your company.
  • Beyond News Collecting

    More important than what we say about us, is what is being said about us. Now, we can no longer limit ourselves to collect news about our company or brand. We have to search deeper and look for what the public says about us.

    It is no news that customers trust more in each other that in companies. They influence each other and, with the social media advent, is very easy to see our reputation being destroyed due to a mistake.

    That is why our clipping services go beyond collecting news: we also search for what is being said about your company or brand in the Internet, and report it to you. This way, you will always be aware of what’s being said, without spending any time.