Communication & Image

  • Brands With a Message

    If you’re starting your own business or if you’re planning to release a new product you will need a brand. A brand conceived to communicate your company’s message.

    We will be your partner from the beginning, starting by understanding your business, your brand, and by defining, together with you, the concept and the strategy that will best communicate who you are and what benefits your brand represent to your costumer. Basing on your goals and positioning we will develop the design.

    Once the design is approved by you, we register the trademark, develop the brand’s logo, the identity manual, stationary (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, templates), brochures and your website and we will be by your side acquiring customers for you, analyzing results and sharing our knowhow with you.
  • Brands With Personality

    Our corporative identity solutions are customized to each client, considering your goals, your positioning and your message and you may count on us to design a new brand for your company or product or to renew your company’s or product’s current identity.

    We develop a unique and distinct identity for your company or product, giving it personality and helping your costumers to immediately recognize it.

    Our method is based on team work, involving you, marketeers and designers and on continual improvement, presenting you different options and phases, until reaching the end result that you were seeking, combining esthetic, strategy, your message or new message and the achievement of your goals.
  • Design That Communicates

    In order to maximize your company’s message impact and results, it has to be adequate to the several platforms where it’s meant to be communicated. Different platform require different techniques and are seen by different targets.

    We have the skills to help you decide which platforms are more likely to bring you the results you aim for and to create and implement all the publicity solutions your company may need and/or want.

    From press commercials, to fairy stands, posters, displays, brochures, catalogs, magazines, newsletters, e-newsletters and others, we are here to creatively design and take your message to your target. Every work we embrace is developed to reach your specific target.
  • Relevant Content

    One of the greatest challenges in communication is creating content interesting for your target. People are tired of advertisement and are trained to ignore advertising messages; therefore, the way to reach them is making them want to know what you have to say to them, is making your content interesting, targeted and credible.

    We strategically develop content for:

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Websites
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Newsletters
    LEAN logo rgb bullet E-mail marketing campaigns
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Brochures, flyers and catalogs
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Company presentations and institutional communication