Lean On The Shop Floor

  • Effective Production

    Lean Manufactoring focus on waste elimination and maximum value delivery. Producing what is required when it is required will derive more competitive companies and greater profit:

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Lead time reduction of 80%;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Inventory reduction of 50%;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Productivity increase of 30%;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Operational costs reduction of 30%;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Shopfloor and storage space reduction of 50%;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Machine uptime increase of 40%.
  • Producing To Customer's Requirements

    Implementing Lean On The Shopfloor means producing to customer’s requirements, abandoning just in case and add to the pile production.

    It involves drastically reducing inventories, scrap and rework, improving machine uptime and significantly slashing down lead time.

    Lean On The Shopfloor makes the best of your people's contributions and hands on approaches into improving your productive performance.

  • Seeing The Value Stream

    To successfully implement Lean On The Shopfloor we will coach in seeing product’s value streams and to act on them.

    We will help you see the waste and how to eliminate it, freeing financial resources and people’s time.

    Our consultants will work with you and your people to promote a continuous improvement mindset and a focus on customer’s requirements.