Lean Numbers

  • Numbers Running Lean

    To measure and evaluate the implementation of Lean principles, general accounting will not suffice. Lean Numbers will provide measurable and actionable information:

    LEAN logo rgb bullet Lean performance indicators;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Visual management;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Cost analisys;
    LEAN logo rgb bullet Target costing.
  • Realible Numbers

    When implementing Lean, some counterintuitive measures must be put in to place and these may even be read as losses by general accounting.

    Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that general accounting has been design for report purposes to external stakeholders and not to meet the needs of information a company has.

    Lean numbers will depict the company’s activities and will show how the company is doing on its Lean implementation.

  • Seeing The Numbers

    Our consultants will work alongside with the company to measure economic and operational performance, devising the metrics that will enable decision making.

    We will develop business processes based metrics, designed to help the company understand how processes can be improved, where waste is more prominent and which activities need immediate attention.