Lean Management

Lean Management is the change of paradigm. It is a process of analisys and understanding of the processes that allow for the delivery of values to the customer. Although the implementation of Lean Management is carried out by the means of tools and methods, the real leap occurs with the change in focus towards the customer and with the full commitment with maximum value delivery.

To embrace Lean Management is to abandon the traditional ways and to engage in a journey of learning, to develop critical thinking, to make problems visible and to harness all energy in the search for the right question.

Lean Management principles are universal and have proven themselves to be capable of leading to substancial operational and financial gains for the companies that have chosen to adopt them.

At The Office, Lean Management will bring about great gains in productivity and efficiency, slashing sown work in progress and increaing employee satisfaction. This has been widely demonstrated in an array of business areas such as Healhtcare, Financial Services or Consulting businesses.

Os The Shopfloor, still with Toyota and its productive sistem leading the way, Lean Management will thoroughly seek to eliminate all waste and non value adding processes, thus increasing the delivery of maximum value to the costumer while consuming the least possible resources.

Also in the Suplly Chain Management, Lean Management wwil have tremendous impact, increasing the level os service and ensuring minimal lead times e greater stock turnover.

Finally, Lean Manegement will provide you the tools to monitor your lean performance numbers allowing for cost analisys and target costing compliance.

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