About Us

Created in April 2011, in an economic crisis context, The Lean Insight was the concretization of an idea both partners shared: consulting companies of different business areas, working together to improve the same company, may not be the way to go: priorities won’t match, responsibilities may not be clear and, often enough, customers won’t see the return on their investment, projects are left unfinished and everything remains the same in the company.

Other thing both partners have noticed is that when a consultant is present, people get afraid, do not cooperate, lose motivation and rumors begin, generating productivity and money losses. Our idea is that companies are made of people and letting them know what’s going on, listening to them and working together, as a team, is the best way to have a real change, with real long-lasting benefits.

Now The Lean Insight is a company that has earned customers’ trust, a company present in international markets, such as Angola or Cape Verde and a company where we love what we do and we work with motivation, creativity, passion and excellence!